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Oud Dusk

The earthy blend of rich, sweet, herbaceous aromas and warm, woody undertones provide the dominant backbone of this classic Oud perfume.


Midnight Amber

The fresh burst of Bergamot introduces the wearer to a scent that unfolds into a tantalizing oriental fragrance, sweet yet thick, intoxicating yet eternally sophisticated.


Koper Geld

Aromatic and warm, sweet, fresh and woody, the continually evolving tones give Koper Geld a personality all of its own and a scent proven to last well over ten hours.


Velvet Suede

Sweet, clean notes work in unison with delicious lemony undertones making this fragrance floral, fresh and lush all at the same time.

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Amelgo is the representation of young, vibrant modernity within the perfume industry. Stand out and be distinctive. Embrace the individual within and mark your signature fragrance with Amelgo – the symphony of scent.