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The Power of Fragrance.

Scent: one of our strongest senses that has the ability to invoke the most special of memories – immediately transporting you to a time, place and a moment never forgotten.

Blending state of the art technology with classic Middle Eastern undertones, whilst sourcing the finest and rarest ingredients known within traditional perfume - Amelgo’s fragrances are refined, dynamic and unlike anything you have ever experienced, with their warm accords and intriguing notes. Amelgo is the representation of young, vibrant modernity within the perfume industry. Stand out and be distinctive. Embrace the individual within and mark your signature fragrance with Amelgo – the symphony of scent.

After painstakingly learning each element of the crafts such as extraction processes, terminology and traditional blends – we then took scents and materials from ancestral Middle Eastern roots such as oud, musk and sandalwood, combining them with Western ingredients such as bergamot, freesia or vetiver. After receiving an excellent reception to Koper Geld, Amelgo was born – and since it’s inception, a further nine fragrances have been added to the range: each exclusive and excitingly different.







1Who We Are:

Amelgo is an exciting British perfumery that draws from both the old and the new – marrying elements of traditional production techniques, premium ingredients and modern technology to bring perfumery firmly intothe21st century. Crafting an incredible and varied range of luxury perfumes; each of Amelgo’s unique scents provides both a visual and sensual assault with each contemporary blend. This is our story.


Amelgo is a British made brand that combines elements of heritage, the love of perfumery and ethical manufacturing to create a new and independent brand of luxury perfumes. As with one of our hand-made perfume blends, we have fused this concoction and translated it into modern and wearable fragrances that are perfect for any occasion. With unique ingredients such as oud, sandlewood and freesia sourced from around the world including South America, Asia and the Middle East, both the origins and ethicality have always been at the forefront for the brand. We firmly believe that without the purest elements it is impossible to deliver the finest perfume.


Understanding the importance of harnessing the latest technology to develop our perfumes, it was crucial that the range offers dynamic, exciting and opulent scents, whilst staying true to traditional hand-made techniques of production. As a brand, we are strictly cruelty free, environmentally friendly and all our blends contain no harmful chemicals – and we are proud to state this claim. Amelgo is the representation of young, vibrant modernity within the perfume industry with the distinct, sole purpose to be known for conscientious luxury.

4The Perfume:

Since inception and the introduction of the original Koper Geld fragrance, a further nine unique and individual perfumes have been added to the range – all completely different and entirely exciting. Amelgo’s contemporary fragrances, with their warm accords and intriguing notes are refined, dynamic and unlike anything you have ever experienced. With all perfumes including soothing Vitamin E and no harmful chemicals for comfortable longevity, whilst including the finest and rarest ingredients known – Amelgo is a “disruptive” scent company perfect for the modern day. Marrying this with the understanding of what the contemporary fragrance consumer prefers, Amelgo has re-imagined what a traditional luxury perfume house looks like.

5Luxury re-defined:

Beautiful packaging, the highest quality ingredients and rich scents – Amelgo is part of the new era in contemporary luxury perfumery. All details of our scents and brand has been carefully considered to represent this, including the decision to opt for opaque black bottles as our packaging in order to preserve the longevity of the fragrance. Our refined perfume that always seeks to present an exciting twist on the everyday, allows you to indulgently express your mood for any occasion or make for a thoughtful gift.

6The Future.

With our team constantly creating, testing and trialling new fragrances and products – there is always something original to discover with Amelgo. We are always seeking to improve on the last creation, so that our customers have exciting, dynamic and uncommon scents. But on your ‘discovery of scent’ journey, we ask what are you looking for? Unsure as to which of our original scents is just right for you, then let us know how we can help. Our team is always striving to refine and define the perfect fragrances, and create something that is just as memorable, special and unique as you. Discover the symphony of scent with Amelgo.