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About Us


Scent; one of our strongest senses having the power to invoke the most special of memories – immediately transporting you back to a time and a place; a moment never forgotten.

Amelgo is a premium perfumery that has honed the art of extracting the powerfully exotic aromas of the precious and expensive Oud essence – and brought it firmly into the 21st century. Crafting an incredible range of both unisex and traditional ranges of perfumes; each of Amelgo’s unique scents provides both a visual and sensual assault – taking the heady Arabian allure of the Middle East into the contemporary everyday with each blend.

It is exactly this unique fusion of heritage and modernity, the merging of East and West and the past and present that leads Amelgo to the fore-front of independent English perfume houses.

Spending many long, hazy summers in Jordan as a boy watching and experimenting under the precise guidance of both a close family friend and master perfumer – Amelgo’s founder and creative director Nadir at the early age of 21 created what would become Amelgo’s keynote fragrance; Koper Geld.

After painstakingly learning each element of his craft such as extraction processes, terminology and traditional blends – Nadir then took scents and materials from ancestral Middle Eastern roots such as oud, musk and sandalwood, combining them with his Western present such as bergamot, freesia or vetiver. After receiving an excellent reception to Koper Geld, Amelgo was born – and since it’s inception, a further nine fragrances have been added to the range: each exclusive and excitingly different.

Blending state of the art technology with classic Middle Eastern undertones, whilst sourcing the finest and rarest ingredients known within traditional perfume – Amelgo’s fragrances are refined, dynamic and unlike anything you have ever experienced, with their warm accords and intriguing notes.

Amelgo is the representation of young, vibrant modernity within the perfume industry. Stand out and be distinctive. Embrace the individual within and mark your signature fragrance with Amelgo – the symphony of scent.